Muscle Builder

Note; Ad lib Lucerne hay consumption of 3.5kg/day has been calculated according to the minimum daily roughage requirements of 1% bodyweight.

Further Notes

Protein and amino acids

An insufficient intake of amino acids can limit development to genetic athletic potential, muscle development, tendon and ligament strength, bone strength, production of blood haematology, and hormone production.

The unique amino acid profile of Power Formula ensures high levels of key amino acids Lysine, Methionine and threonine. The harder a horse works, the higher its requirements for amino acids. If muscle development and muscle metabolism are not optimum during training and racing, muscle function fatigues and the horse performs poorly.


The intake of oats and cracked corn is determined by the intensity of work performed. The above levels would be adequate for horses performing fast work twice per week. Horses undergoing less work will need to be fed less oats and corn.


The inclusion of salt and Salkavite ensures an optimal intake of electrolytes. Salt will stimulate the thirst reflex and encourage the intake of water. Salt provides increased levels of sodium to meet the daily requirements for nerve and muscle function and the regulation of body fluid balance. The increase in drinking will promote the excretion/removal of toxins from the body.

Vitamin and Minerals

Moderate to high-intensity exercise can increase the loss of minerals through sweat, whilst the requirement for vitamins increases as exercise intensity increases. It is important to meet the increased nutritional demands of horses subjected to physical stress and exertion of hard training and racing. Highly bioavailable forms of zinc, copper, and manganese are present in Ration Balancer and Aminovite Plus. Zinc and copper support the immune system, which may become suppressed due to stress related to training and racing.