Ranvet’s specialised nutrition team are dedicated to ensuring your horse is receiving everything it needs for optimal health and performance. Ranvet’s suggested diets have been developed to provide an overview of what a balanced ration looks like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that we’re frequently asked, hopefully they will help answer your questions.

Ranvet is completely Australian owned and made. Ranvet’s manufacturing facility is located underneath our offices in Banksmeadow NSW.
Ranvet products are available from all produce stores and saddlery’s throughout Australia. Please see our stockist map on the homepage to find a store near you or call Toll Free: 1800 727 217.
Yes, we have a number of international distributors. If you look on our stockist map on the homepage you can find a distributor in your country. You can also contact the Ranvet office on +612 9666 1744 or info@ranvet.com.au for more information.
Depending on workload, your horses should be drinking between 30-40L per day.
Ranvet’s Settle’em has been specifically formulated for calming nervous and/or anxious horses. Fed on a daily basis Settle’em can help rectify flighty behaviour. Ranvet’s Calm Paste can also be used as an immediate calmer for traveling and competitions.
Ranvet’s Power Formula & Topline FX is an ideal supplement for building muscle and topline. Power Formula & Topline FX provide the building blocks for fast and efficient building of topline.
Ranvet’s Grand Prix Oil is a cool energy blend of essential Omega 3, 6 & 9 Fatty Acids. Fed on a daily basis Grand Prix Oil enhances coat shine and is ideal for show preparation.
Ranvet’s Hoof Food is Australia’s leading hoof supplement. Hoof Food supplies a combination of Biotin, zinc, methionine, sulphur, choline, magnesium and gelatin for rapid hoof growth & repair.