Complete Vitamin & Mineral

Complete Vitamin & Mineral


Vitamin B complex, yeast & trace mineral supplement for Greyhounds

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  • Premium grade multi-vitamin supplement.
  • Specifically formulated for greyhounds.
  • Supplies all essential nutrients commonly deficient in meat and dry food diets.
  • Orally administered which is the safest way to boost a greyhounds intake of nutrients.


  • Essential for energy conversion from carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
  • Provides supplementary levels of 10 important vitamins and 7 trace minerals to meet the elevated nutritional demands imposed by racing, pregnancy & growth.

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Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients per KG

Vitamin A 425,100IUVitamin D3 60,000IU
Vitamin B1 0.50gVitamin B2 1.13g
Vitamin B6 0.25gNicotinamide 2.50g
Folic Acid 0.045gCalcium Pantothenate 2.25g
Zinc 2.75gCopper 0.45g
Manganese 0.38gChromium 0.05g
Iodine 0.045gSelenium 0.009g
Vitamin E 10,200IU

Pack Sizes

90g, 1kg & 4kg

Direction For Use

Mix evenly into feed only once daily. Introduce gradually over 5-7 days to full dose.          

Dosage Rates

Administer 4g daily to racing, pregnant, lactating and stud dogs. Spelling dogs require 2g, pups receive 1-2g daily.

Important Notes

A shortage of any essential, high turnover nutrient will significantly reduce performance and health until the deficiency is corrected.

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