Mild Diuretic & Urinary Buffer for Greyhounds

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  • Specifically formulated for greyhounds
  • Rapidly metabolized and absorbed.
  • Neutralises excess lactic acid in blood and muscle.
  • Aids in the treatment and prevention of dehydration and acidosis.


  • Rapid utilization and acid neutralization improves recovery rate following strenuous exercise.
  • Restores depleted reserves of the most common bodily alkali, sodium.
  • Supplies adequate body alkalines to neutralize acid build-up.
  • Balances blood pH for optimum performance.
  • Able to be used in conjunction with standard daily electrolyte supplementation of Ranvet’s Salka-lite.

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Active Ingredients

Active Ingredients per L

Sodium Citrate Dihydrate 280gCitric Acid 93.4g

Pack Sizes

1L & 5L

Directions For Use

Ensure greyhounds have access to cool, clean water at all times.

Greyhounds suffering from dehydration also require a daily dose of supplementary electrolytes.

Dosage Rates

Based on 30kg greyhound:
DAILY DOSE: 3mL mixed into food or water when
greyhound is in hard work.
AFTER RACE DOSE: Add 5mL of Neutramax to
the first 1 or 2 meals after racing, handslips or trials
or administer directly into the mouth by dosing

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