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Light weight, uni-nostril Metred Dose Inhaler (MDI) coupling chamber for cats.

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Approximately 1 in 100 cats has asthma, which may be underestimated.  Additionally, symptoms may often be confused with hairballs.  Asthma usually affects cats between 2 and 8 years of age with Siamese and Himalayan breeds having a higher prevalence.

If your cat experiences any of the following symptoms they may be suffering from feline asthma;

  • Frequent wheezing.
  • Persistent coughing.
  • Open mouthed or laboured breathing.


  • Target specific lung delivery of medication.
  • Controls and alleviates airway inflammation and airway obstruction.
  • Patented ‘Flow-Vu’ indicator enables accurate counting of inhalations.
  • Exhalation valve directs the flow of air away from your cat to prevent irritation.
  • Two mask sizes to accommodate all breeds and sizes of cats.


  • Accurate directing of aerosolized pharmaceuticals to the lungs and small airways.
  • Improved drug safety and efficacy by reducing total therapeutic dose required.
  • Convenient, portable chamber.
  • Simple to use and easy to clean.
  • Reduces the risk of side effects and stresses associated with pills, syrups or injections.


Unique, durable, anti-static polymer chamber with a flexible nostril cup.

Directions For Use

Download Directions For Use Brochure Here

Able to be used as the coupling device for aerosolized MDI’s.  By depressing the MDI, aerosolized particles are delivered into the chamber and inhaled.  Gently apply the mask to one nostril and upon inhalation, the ‘Flow-Vu’ indicator will flutter toward the cat signalling inhalation.


Download Mask Size Template Here

AeroKat Chamber comes with 2 masks (3.2cm & 3.9cm in diameter).

The mask should cover you cat’s nose and mouth but not the eyes.

Cleaning Instructions

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