NZ Ranvet Electrolyte Replacer®

NZ Ranvet Electrolyte Replacer®


Body salts to aid in the prevention of electrolyte imbalances.

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  • Supplies a concentrated source of all critical electrolytes.
  • Maintains optimal body fluid balance.
  • Ideal for intense work, traveling, endurance or basic daily supplementation.
  • May be used in conjunction with oral electrolyte pastes or liquids.


  • Reduces dehydration, muscle fatigue, cramping, poor performance and delayed recovery following exercise.
  • Facilitates optimum performance in all extreme environmental conditions.
  • Ideally used in conjunction with Ranvet Electro Paste during intense training or long distance travelling.
  • Highly palatable powder.
  • Easily mixed into the ration.

Active Ingredients

Active Ingredients per KG

Sodium 218.3gPotassium 174g
Calcium 35.6gMagnesium 3.2g
Chloride 473.8gCarbonate 61.2g
Bicarbonate 21.8gSulphate 11.5g

Pack Sizes

2kg & 18kg

Directions For Use

Mix Ranvet Electrolytes thoroughly through the feed.  A measure is provided.  One level measure holds 45g Ranvet Electrolytes.

Dosage Rates

Light work 30-60g daily; Moderate to heavy work 60-90g daily.

Important Notes

Always ensure access to clean, fresh drinking water when using oral electrolyte supplements.

APVMA Approval Number: 50695

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