NZ Muscle E

NZ Muscle E


Vitamin E anti-oxidant supplement for peak muscle performance and maximum reproductive efficiency at stud.

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  • Supplies highly concentrated, highly bio-available Vitamin E.
  • Helps counteract the specific stresses of training.
  • Potent anti-oxidant activity.
  • Added choline for peak liver function.
  • Added sodium bicarbonate for potent ant-acid effects.


  • Maintains and enhances immune capability.
  • Protects red blood cell integrity and reduces exercise induced muscle damage.
  • Reduces muscle recovery time following strenuous exercise.
  • Protects cells from free radical damage while extending endurance and stamina.
  • Essential for optimum fertility.
  • Helps prevent ‘training off’.

Active Ingredients

Active Ingredients per KG

Vitamin E as Vitamin E adsorbate 50%FG 66.6gVitamin B1 397mg
Sodium Bicarbonate 49.5gCholine 162mg

Pack Sizes

1.5kg (sufficient for one working horse for 50 days) & 10kg (sufficient for one working horse for 1 year).

Directions For Use

Mix Ranvet Muscle-E thoroughly through a dry feed daily.  A measure is provided.  One level measure holds 15g Muscle-E

Vitamin E is found in highest levels in fresh, green pasture and is low in grains and roughages.  Any horse on a high grain diet with limited access to fresh pasture requires Vitamin E supplementation.

Dosage Rates

Horses in work 15-30g daily; Stallions at stud 15-60g daily; Pregnant mares 15-60g daily; Spelling horses/yearlings 15g daily; Horses with muscle problems such as ‘tying up’ 30-60g daily.

Important Notes

Vitamin E has a synergistic relationship with the anti-oxidant mineral selenium.  A selenium deficiency may be partly compensated with Vitamin E supplementation however, a deficiency in Vitamin E cannot be offset with selenium supplementation.  Care must be taken to ensure over-supplementation of selenium does not occur as this mineral may be toxic in larger than required doses.

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