NZ Aminovite Plus

NZ Aminovite Plus


Multi-vitamin supplement and coat conditioner with added trace elements.



  • Premium grade multi-vitamin feed supplement.
  • Specifically formulated for high-performance horses.
  • Contains chelated, highly bio-available minerals.
  • Contains essential nutrients commonly deficient in many rations.
  • Safe for pregnant mares, lactating mares, stallions and foals.
  • Excellent quality ingredients in a highly palatable form.


  • Specifically formulated and tailored by equine veterinarians to meet the increased nutritional demands of horses subjected to the physical stress and exertion of hard racing and training.
  • Specifically tailored to balance high grain diets of intensively stabled, high performance horses.
  • Combats vitamin and mineral deficiencies where good quality pasture is not readily available.
  • Contains nutrients essential for energy conversion from carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
  • Easily mixed into the ration.

Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients per KG

Vitamin A 210,000IUVitamin D3 25,700IU
Vitamin B3 3.8gCholine 3.7g
Vitamin B1 1750mgVitamin B2 1710mg
Vitamin B5 865mgVitamin B6 1030mg
Vitamin B12 7mgZinc 2100mg
Folic Acid 870mgCopper 510mg
Cobalt 30mgIodine 10mg
Selenium 4.48mgVitamin E 5100IU

Pack Sizes

3kg & 16kg

Directions For Use

Mix Ranvet Aminovite Plus thoroughly through the feed. A measure is provided. One level measure holds 30g Aminovite Plus. Caution should be exercised when supplementing diets with selenium where selenium intake from other sources including water, medications, pasture, pasture top dressing or local plants may be high.

Dosage Rates

30-60g daily depending on energy expenditure and pasture availability/green forage access.

Important Notes

Precaution: Excessive copper and cobalt is toxic. This product is contraindicated for use unless copper and/or cobalt deficiency is confirmed. Excessive tissue levels of selenium is toxic. Care should be taken to avoid over-supplementation, if selenium levels are high this product should not be used. Selenium status can be determined by consulting your veterinarian.

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