Hi Rob,

I thought I’d send you a couple of photos Frank as he is today, 12 months after his arrival. You recall I had bloods taken the first week he was here, and on your recommendation, we sent the results to Ranvet, Sydney. The reply from Lisa Justice at Ranvet was that Frank was “a seriously ill horse”. We started him on Ranvet 500, Aminovite Plus and Racing Oil.

It took several months but I started to see amazing results and he has continued to grow and develop into a superb thoroughbred.

He now stands at approximately 17 hands and there is more to come! I am working him through the hills around the valley covering 70-80 kms per week and he has an intense arena workout as well. He is about to start his racing career in two weeks.

Once again I have been delighted with the results achieved from using the Ranvet products.

Healthy HorseHealthy Horse

Thanks Rob,

Dave Johnson

*Rob is our New Zealand distributor from Best Equine. If you are looking to source Ranvet products in New Zealand, contact: bestequine@xtra.co.nz.