Ranvet 500 Plus

Ranvet 500 Plus

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High quality protein supplement promoting optimal muscle development and bone growth in growing and mature horses.


  • Exclusive protein supplement containing protein meal and essential vitamins and minerals including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin E.
  • Daily supplementation of Ranvet 500 PLUS will provide balancing nutrients for sound growth and excellent conditioning.
  • Supplies a unique amino acid profile which provides the building blocks to lay down bone and muscle in growing horses and keeps older horses looking young.
  • Optimal calcium:phosphorus ratio to ensure sound bone growth and development.
  • Provides low energy and carbohydrates while ensuring high quality protein provision.
  • Easily supplemented pellet form.
  • Complete feed supplement in highly palatable, easily delivered pelleted form.
  • No animal by-products.


  • Well balanced, high quality protein and amino acid supplement.
  • Provides correct balance of critical bone mineral nutrients, preventing demineralization through dietary imbalances.
  • Essential elements for normal bone metabolism.
  • Essential co-factors in calcium absorption and metabolism.
  • Allows varying of the grain portion of the diet depending on individual energy requirements.
  • Recently re-formulated in line with the latest research which suggests that increasing the levels of key minerals may reduce the incidence of developmental orthopaedic disease-enhanced levels of phosphorus, copper and zinc.
  • Vitamin E now added in response to dry conditions and additionally, to enhance the immune response.
  • Palatable and non-siftable.

Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients per KG

Digestible Energy 10MJCrude Protein 315g
Lysine 27gCalcium 64g
Phosphorus 15.3gMagnesium 9.95g
Potassium 0.3gSodium 2.4g
Sulphur 6gIron 304mg
Zinc 804mgCopper 402mg
Manganese 140mgCobalt 2.8mg
Iodine 5mgVitamin A 25,000IU
Vitamin D 17,500IUVitamin E 835IU
Folic Acid 36mgFibre 80g
Oil 41g

Pack Sizes

20kg bag

Directions For Use

Avoid mixing through a dampened or wet feed/mash due to possible odour.

Dosage Rates

300-600g daily addition to the ration.  Ideally, pellets should be divided equally between morning and evening feeds.

Important Notes

To ensure the transition from growth and development to competition occurs smoothly, it is recommended that Ranvet’s Power Formula or Topline FX be fed following all Ranvet 500/PLUS feeding regimens.

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