Brett Cox Harness Racing based in Mildura

We were lucky enough to get some wonderful support from Ranvet Specialist Lisa Justice. Our team were going good/ok, but not hitting the line as hard as we would have liked. We had dealt with a large reputable feed company who suggested a feed type to suit our horse’s workload but we weren’t getting the results we wanted.

After taking a number of our team to have a Ranvet Ulcer Scan, most of them had low-grade ulcers. One horse, in particular, we had recently acquired and he had medium grade of ulcers from his past feed source. He had not placed in hardly any of his starts with his previous trainer and his longevity in racing with us was limited.

After being treated with Ulcerguard and changing his diet to what was recommended by Lisa, the horse became more confident in his workouts and was getting better each time.

After his third start with us, he won his first maiden race. Sitting with cover, he sprinted strongly and won well.

Our horses now have great muscle tone in the right places, are consistent, recover well and are a much happier team to train.

We cannot thank Lisa and the Ranvet team enough for their expert advice and assistance. We always recommend people to contact Lisa to discuss their horse’s requirements. She definitely knows her stuff.


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