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On 23 August 2017 I published a post for day three of Health Week at Horseland Maitland, it was on this day that I was introduced to Neely J Hopkins from Ranvet, Neely specialises in animal health and nutrition technical support, not only was I able to discuss the injury to Amira and her treatment and setbacks to date, I was physically able to show Neely photographs and discuss my concerns, as this scar appears to become somewhat dry and flaky intermittently and I was wanting to stop the injury site from drying out, while trying to reduce the size of the scar and encourage the hair to grow back in that area. Neely was able to recommend a product that will achieve the results I am seeking.

I have been treating Amira’s leg with the white healer, cleaning the site intermittently, and re-applying the white healer. It must be said that I am impressed with the progress thus far. When viewing the photographs below, keep in mind that this injury occurred in the January floods of 2016, the injury site has required surgical intervention on three occasions over the preceding 12 months. The White Healer is thick in consistency and provides good coverage of the scar tissue; it is a smooth, easy to apply zinc based cream made of all natural ingredients. White Healer is safe, effective and easy first aid for all skin damage and infections, with no added pharmaceutical drugs, it is noted to have a powerful anti-bacterial and antifungal activity with a strong astringent and germicidal action. I use this product to protect the skin wound whilst simultaneously encouraging the healing process, however, it has an array of other benefits, it can be used to protect a wide variety of wounds and abrasions, it controls infection of skin wounds, controls fungal skin infections and can be used on a wide variety of skin ailments including minor skin wounds, rope burns, greasy heel, rain scald, mud fever and skin irritations associated with girth galls and cracked heels.

There is a visible improvement to Amira’s scar tissue, it is less flaky and scaly, and the hair is starting to grow back in parts throughout the scar. I am hoping this injury will continue to improve over time, with ongoing treatment and conditioning. I would recommend this product to others.

AB Product Review and Distribution– Maxine Newby



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