Information on Greyhound Health for Performance Racing

The greyhound is among the world’s finest natural athletes which have adapted to the rigours of competitive racing. Greyhound health for this speed and agile racer is of utmost importance if it is to reach peak performance. Greyhound Health is not uncommon with other breeds and like them, they are susceptible to many of the same disease and health problems. However, the physical stress imposed by racing increases the risk of injury and also numerous health problems.

Greyhounds are expected to travel long distances, race weekly and maintain their fitness and form for extended periods of time. This, of course, means that greyhound health must be kept in check on a daily basis and like any top line athlete a routine of good food and added vitamin supplements must be established. Hygiene is also a must in the racing kennels. A regular exercise program to meet the demands of racing must also be put in place.

One of the first and most important issues for greyhound health is the establishment of a regular De-worming program. This most important practice will promote good health and a much happier animal. Be sure to use a trusted brand and to follow the manufactures instructions when administering worming products. Also just as important is regular bathing for the control of fleas and dependent on the area the possible infestation of ticks. There are a number of commercial topical preventatives that are quite effective in managing ticks and fleas in the racing greyhound. An unhealthy greyhound on the inside will most certainly underperform.

In the winter months, the greyhound must be kept warm at night as they tend to shiver and expend energy. And in the summer, of course, the greyhound must be kept cool and hydrated. Ensuring that the greyhound is hydrated at all times in particular after hard racing will assist in keeping the greyhound racing for longer periods of time. There are numerous supplements that can help achieve good hydration and help with recovery.

Routine is also of great importance for the racing greyhound. Establish a regular routine for your racer and be sure to adhere to it as much as you possibly can as greyhounds are a creature of habit.

Keeping the greyhound healthy on the outside is also of great importance. Due to hard racing and interference encountered whilst racing the muscular and skeletal systems are at an increased risk of sustaining injury. The Greyhound should be checked for soreness after racing to ensure that any injuries are properly looked after prior to any future racing assignments.

In a nutshell greyhound, health cannot be underestimated if it is to achieve optimum performance. Following these few basic tips and the application of some good common sense will ensure that you set yourself a good grounding in your training career. A healthy, fit and happy greyhound will increase your chances of finding your way to the winner’s circle.

Written by Mark Sultana

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