Topline FX

Topline FX

Fortified protein supplement for performance horses.

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  • Exclusive protein supplement containing protein meal and essential vitamins and minerals including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium,zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin E.
  • Provides a unique amino acid profile, providing the building blocks to lay down bone and muscle in performance horses.
  • Optimal calcium:phosphorus ratio to ensure sound bone and tendon integrity.
  • Provides low starch energy and a cool source of digestible energy while ensuring high quality protein provision.
  • Provides the building blocks for fast and efficient building of topline.
  • Concentrated source of high quality amino acids commonly deficient within the ration.


  • Well balanced, high quality protein and amino acid supplement.
  • Provides essential protein for maintaining and building topline during training and competition.
  • Provides a reliable supply of protein to reduce the implications of seasonal changes in pasture, grain and hay quality.
  • Contains high levels of Vitamin E to aid in reducing muscle recovery time following strenuous exercise.
  • Provides correct balance of critical bone mineral nutrients, preventing demineralization through dietary imbalances.

Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients per KG

Digestible Energy 10MJCrude Protein 315g
Lysine 27gCalcium 64g
Phosphorus 15.3gMagnesium 9.95g
Potassium 0.3gSodium 2.4g
Sulphur 6gIron 304mg
Zinc 804mgCopper 402mg
Manganese 140mgCobalt 2.8mg
Iodine 5mgVitamin A 25,000IU
Vitamin D 17,500IUVitamin E 835IU
Folic Acid 36mgFibre 80g
Oil 41g

Pack Sizes

14kg Bucket

Directions For Use

Ideally, pellets should be divided equally between morning and evening feeds. Mix evening into your horses feed.

Dosage Rates

250-300g daily added to the ration.

Important Notes

To ensure optimal growth rate and bone development, Ranvet 500 Plus Stud Formula should be used prior to commencing training or high performance.

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