NZ Potassium Plus

NZ Potassium Plus


Potassium supplement for high performance horses.




  • Supplies highly bio-available potassium.
  • May help maintain optimum body fluid balance.
  • Supplies highly concentrated potent anti-oxidants.
  • Provides magnesium and zinc in concentrated form.


  • May help to reduce dehydration, allowing optimal muscle function in extreme environmental conditions.
  • Supplies readily available potassium, critical to efficient muscle function, especially in hot climates, due to large amounts of potassium being lost during intense muscle activity and sweating.
  • Replenishes potassium lost through urine excretion in stressed horses.  Supplementation is recommended, particularly when horses are ‘training off’.
  • Includes Vitamin E and selenium, which are potent anti-oxidants critical to maintaining healthy muscle function during hard exercise.
  • Able to be used in conjunction with daily electrolyte supplementation of Salkavite and Neutrolene to reduce lactic acidosis.

Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients per L

Potassium 127.6gMagnesium 17.1g
Vitamin E 4.0gZinc 1.48g

Pack Sizes

5L & 20L

Directions For Use

Administer orally over the tongue or place liquid on dry feed.

Dosage Rates

Routine use 30mL daily; Racehorses in training 45mL twice daily.


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