BloodMAX For Horses

BloodMAX For Horses


Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement For High Performance Horses

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  • Maintains Iron levels in high-performance horses.
  • Supplies concentrated Folic Acid.
  • Contains concentrated B-group vitamins.


  • Contains highly bioavailable ingredients.
  • Helps maintain optimal red blood cell counts.
  • Contains ingredients essential for energy conversion and cell metabolism.
  • Highly palatable.


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Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients per kg
Calcium 102gSodium 38.9g
Chloride 60gIron 13.2g
Copper 221mgVitamin C 84.2g
Choline Bitartrate 63gInositol 13.6g
Biotin 2mgCobalt 0.01g
Folic 3.2gCalcium Pantothenate 12g
Vitamin B12 733mgVitamin B6 12.1g
Vitamin B3 33.3gVitamin B2 9.7g
Vitamin B1 40.8g

Pack Sizes

90g Sachet

Directions For Use

Mix BloodMAX evenly into food.

Dosage Rates

Daily Dose 30g/500kg for 7 days then every second day thereafter or as required.

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