Feeding growing horses

Developing well grown, sound equine athletes requires the monitoring of numerous areas of nutrition and management. Ranvet’s nutritional evaluation program has been developed with the foundation of over forty years of research, supported by scientific studies. This information allows calculation of optimal growth rates and minimisation of the incidence of developmental orthopaedic disorders (DOD’s).  Ranvet’s aim is to provide a unique nutritional consultancy service, providing optimal nutrition and ensuring results are achieved season to season.

Key areas of Ranvet’s feeding program are shown below;

  • High-quality protein required for optimal muscle development and bone soundness-poor protein provision will limit growth more than any other nutrient. Ranvet 500 PLUS® is a high-quality protein supplement which contains optimal levels of essential amino acids that is complementary to the growing horse.
  • Optimal levels of essential minerals for sound skeletal growth Ranvet 500 PLUS® and Folactin Red PLUS® have been formulated in line with the latest research pertaining to DOD’s. Furthermore, Ranvet 500 PLUS® and Folactin Red PLUS® contain optimal levels of essential minerals involved in skeletal growth and development. A correlation between the occurrence of skeletal diseases and reduced amounts of calcium, phosphorus, zinc and copper in weanling diets has been observed.
  • Maintain an ideal starch contentRanvet 500 PLUS® contains low levels of non-structural carbohydrates (NSC’s) and enables accurate control of energy provision via the independent addition of cereal grains. Excess energy and starch provision have been shown to increase the incidence of DOD’s in growing horses.
  • Maintain an adequate growth rate-the energy content of the ration can be adjusted to maintain an adequate growth rate while maintaining optimal protein provision. Managing energy independently from protein is necessary to enable a controlled and accurate growth rate.
  • Pasture assessment –Ranvet offers pasture analytical services in conjunction with nutritional evaluation in order to ensure optimal levels of nutrition are provided and accounted for via all sources. Pasture excesses/deficiencies can be seasonally addressed via supplementation and enable accurate ration formulation.
  • Developmental orthopaedic disorders (DOD’s)-DOD’s are a multi-factorial syndrome encompassing a wide range of limb malformation and However, by supplying a well managed and balanced diet fortified with appropriate minerals to both the broodmare and foal/weanling, risk of developing DOD’s can be significantly reduced.

Rations are analysed via an extensive database system exclusively available to Ranvet clientele by qualified equine nutritionists.  Rations are formulated in line the National Research Council (NRC), 2007 guidelines, enabling personalised scientifically based diets specific to your stud farm.

feeding growing horses

Reference Figure: Growth Rates of Foals Fed Ranvet 500 PLUS vs Average Data * Source of data: Journal of Animal Science (1995) 73, 2513-2517

Feeding growing horses

Ranvet’s protein supplements provide high levels of essential amino acids, which promote muscle development and growth and the release of metabolic hormones such as insulin and growth hormone.  High levels of certain amino acids also play a role in the immune response.  The graph to the right compares the levels of three of the essential amino acids (lysine, methionine and arginine) in Ranvet’s protein supplements compared to four other commercially available products.

Ranvet’s Folactin Red Plus® is a premium grade fortified mineral supplement formulated specifically for horses at stud (mares, stallions, weanlings, yearlings).  The addition of 30-60g Folactin Red Plus per day supplements the essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc and magnesium to ensure the development of sound, strong bones in young horses.  Additionally, supplementation also addresses the nutritional requirements of pregnant and lactating mares and their foals, weanlings and yearlings.

Folactin Red Plus® has been formulated in response to recently increased recommendations for calcium, phosphorus, copper and zinc in broodmares and foals at stud and is also appropriate for use in adult horses where calcium, phosphorus, copper and zinc deficiencies or imbalances exist.

Ranvet provides a comprehensive range of services for studs and horse owners, if you would like to learn more about these services please call us Toll-Free on 1800 727 217.
If you would like to see our suggested rations for growing horses click here https://www.ranvet.com.au/growing-rations/

Feeding Growing Horses


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