BC5 Paste

BC5 Paste

Branched chain amino acid supplement for hard working horses.


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Active Constituents (Per g)

Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol acetate) 66.6g
Vitamin B1 (thiamine) 397mg
Sodium bicarbonate 49.5gCholine 162g


  • Supplies a highly concentrated source of amino acids necessary to maintain muscle tissue following periods of stress and intense exercise.
  • Attenuates net muscle protein degradation during exercise.
  • The three branched chain amino acids, Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine make up one third of all muscle protein and require replenishment following strenuous activity.
  • Rapidly metabolized and absorbed.


  • Aids to maintain muscle tissue mass, required in times of physical stress and intense exercise.
  • Supplementation following exercise aids to replace muscle tissue damage and wastage by optimizing muscle repair and regeneration.
  • Pre-exercise supplementation considerably reduces muscle protein degradation during exercise.
  • Post-exercise supplementation aids muscle recovery following intense exercise stress.
  • Maintains cell integrity during hard work.
  • Preserves muscle glycogen stores.

Pack Sizes

55mL syringe

Dosage Rates

Horses (450-550kg) administer entire syringe orally prior to exercise to assist recovery from strenuous work.  BC-5 may also be administered both pre and post exercise (1 tube on each occasion).  Post-exercise administration should occur as soon as practicable after hard exercise (preferably within 30 minutes).

Directions For Use/Contraindications

Administer paste orally over the back of the tongue as required after exercise.

Always ensure access to clean, fresh drinking water after dosing. 

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