Recovery-Aid Powder

Recovery-Aid Powder


Supporting the recovery process is a key factor to optimal training and racing performance.

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  • Contains Branched chain amino acids.
  • High levels of B-Group vitamins and Folic acid.
  • Contains Vitamin E.
  • Contains buffering agents


  • Supports the recovery process for horses in hard work.
  • Convenient paste for travelling.
  • Does not contravene the rules of racing.

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Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients per KG

Vitamin B1 3589.2mgVitamin B2 3553.2mg
Folic Acid 776mgVitamin B6 199.4mg
Vitamin B12 14mgSodium 117g
Sulphate 104gChloride 96g
Bicarbonate 73gCitrate 49g
Potassium 39.3gMagnesium 6.86g
Vitamin E 4590IULeucine 157.7g
Isoleucine 95gValine 95g

Directions For Use

Mix Recovery-Aid thoroughly through the horse’s feed. Administer post-exercise and continue the use of product whilst horse is in training.
Always ensure access to fresh clean drinking water during supplementation.

The Ranvet Recovery-Aid Powder is ideally suited to boost recovery post-fast work, or 48 hours before racing to replenish essential nutrients.

Daily Intake

Light to Moderate Work ……………….30g/500kg

Moderate to Heavy Work ……………..60g/500kg

AS A SALINE DRENCH: Mix 90g with 2L of luke warm water. Drench must only be administered by a veterinarian.

Pack Sizes

180g Sachet, 2.5kg & 15kg

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