BC5 Paste

BC5 Paste


Branched-chain amino acid supplement for hard-working horses.

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  • Supplies a highly concentrated source of branched-chain amino acid.
  • A source of the three essential Branch Chain Amino Acids L Valine, L-Leucine and l_Isoleucine.
  • Suitable for horses in light-heavy work.
  • Contains L-Carnitine and L-Glutamine


  • Can be provided pre or post-exercise.
  • Convenient travel paste.
  • Does not contravene the rules of racing or competition.

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Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients per G

L-Leucine 195.1mgL-Isoleucine 143.3mg
L-Valine 143.3mgL-Glutamine 11.3mg
L-Carnitine 7.1mg

Pack Sizes

55mL syringe

Directions For Use

Administer BC5 Paste on or within the horses feed prior to exercise to assist recovery from strenuous work. BC5 Paste may also be provided both pre and post exercise. Post exercise provisions should occur as soon as practically possible after hard exercise (preferably within 30 minutes). Continue use of product whilst horse is in training.

Always ensure access to clean, fresh drinking water after dosing.

Dosage Rates

Horses (450-550kg) administer entire syringe orally prior to exercise to assist recovery from strenuous work.  BC-5 may also be administered both pre and post exercise (1 tube on each occasion).  Post-exercise administration should occur as soon as practicable after hard exercise (preferably within 30 minutes).

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