B-Group Vitamins for horses

B-Group vitamins for horses perform numerous functions. They are specifically required for energy generation (i.e. help release stored energy reserves into a form which may be utilised to fuel muscle contractions), adequate function of the nervous system, protein metabolism and red blood cell formation.

In addition, B-Group vitamins for horses are also required for cell repair and therefore adequate B-Group vitamin supplementation is essential to ensure optimal muscle recovery.

  • B-Group vitamins for horses are vital for optimal performance, particularly in horses undergoing intense exercise e.g. endurance/eventing.
  • The ability of the exercising horse to perform and recover at optimal levels is intricately linked to B-Group vitamin
  • Daily B-group vitamin supplementation aids in reducing the formation of lactic acid in muscles, a significant cause of fatigue, while also helping post exercise muscle
  • For horses rehabilitating from injury or recuperating from

Horses exercising have increased:

  • Energy requirements
  • Muscle repair/recovery
  • Enzymatic activity
  • Red blood cell production


Key Points:

  1. As energy expenditure increases, so does the requirement for B-Group vitamins. The harder the horse is worked, the higher requirement for B-Group vitamins.
  2. B-Group vitamins for horses, specifically B12, as well as Folic Acid also plays a vital role in the formation of red blood cells, which are required to transport oxygen to muscles and removing carbon dioxide. Therefore, red blood cells play a key role in your horses’ muscle function and performing at their best.
  3. B-Group vitamins for horses can stimulate appetite in nervous and stressed horses.
  4. Vitamin B1 is necessary for the proper function of the heart and nervous system. Vitamin B1 is known for its beneficial calming effects and ability to minimise nervous and/or flighty behaviour.
  5. B-Group Vitamins oxidise readily when they come into contact with air. Therefore, supplementation of B-Group vitamins from an air tight container is a preferred method of delivery.

B-Group Vitamin Supplementation

In order to supply suitable levels of B-Group vitamins, Ranvet recommend feeding the following for horses under full work;

  1. Vitamin & Mineral Supplement: 30g Morning & Night.

           Such as Ranvet’s Ration Balancer

  1. Electrolyte & B-Group Vitamin Supplement: 30-60g daily (depending on workload).

           Such as Ranvet’s Salkavite

  1. Electrolyte & B-Group Vitamin Travel Paste: Pre & Post Competition.

           Such as Ranvet’s Electro Paste

If you feel your horses may be lacking in B-Group Vitamins, simply complete our online Diet Evaluation Service and receive a detailed report on your horses B-Group Vitamin provision: https://www.ranvet.com.au/nutrition-centre/diet-evaluation/


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