“I am emailing you to let you know how great and useful your product was when my horse got itself tangled in a fence. It had many cuts and deep wounds on its body and hooves, but after washing and applying Yellow lotion to small cuts they sealed nearly straight away and started to heal. Larger and deeper wounds l applied cotton pad with yellow lotion and bandage. There was no more bleeding and they started to scab quickly making the horse more comfortable and enabling him to return to normal routine. The whole healing process was halved!
I have had horses where it took many more weeks of bandaging to get a similar recovery time. I can recommend Yellow lotion as a very effective lotion that promotes healing and healthy flesh and helps prevent proud flesh formatting also no wounds crusting and smooth layer of skin on wound It helps with infection, bruising and soreness.
The cost of Yellow Lotion is well worth the amount of product you have to use. Both my husband and I have never seen a horse recover so quickly.
We will be recommending Yellow Lotion to family and friends!”


Wound Care

For more information on Yellow Lotion, visit: https://www.ranvet.com.au/products/yellow-lotion-2