Thank you for choosing our Aussie made products!  

At Ranvet we pride ourselves on being Australian Owned, Operated and Made.  After all, supporting local business is great for the economy and the country, it provides jobs for the community, and supports local manufacturing- a win for everyone, from larger businesses to the small family-owned enterprise! 

 The journey of a single Ranvet product supports a multitude of local jobs and Aussie businesses!  

The journey of a Ranvet Product… 

All of Ranvet’s powder and liquid products are manufactured on site at our Sydney Headquarters, whilst our injectables, pastes and pellets, are produced locally for us by fellow Australian Family-Owned businesses.  

Whether it be to or from our Sydney Warehouse, Ranvet products travel nationally on Australian owned transport companies- to as far south as Tasmania, to as West as Perth.  

From our warehouse, most of these products next stop on their journey is one of our trusted Australian Distributors. It is from these distributors that your local produce store, saddlery, or rural supplies can source their Ranvet goods from their most local supply. This approach supports the 1000’s of national jobs in distribution and transport, whilst giving your local store greater accessibility and faster access to the products they need for their shelves! It also provides equality of opportunity, from the many small family business run by Mums and Dads in rural towns, to larger franchises in suburbia, they are treated with the same high-quality service that give their business the best tool to succeed. As these stores succeed, so do their local employees and communities. 

It is then from these stores that you, the customer purchase, your product! Whether it is one small tube of White Healer or a large bucket of Salkavite, you can be assured that you are getting a product of the highest quality, and, as an added bonus, you are supporting local manufacturing, local jobs and local business.  


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Experts in Equine Nutrition

Every product in the Ranvet range has been developed to meet a horse’s most specific need at any given time, be it in a training environment or on a breeding farm. Having pioneered the formulation of specific medications and dietary supplements for horses, the company is now recognised as a leader in the areas of equine health and nutrition.

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