Should I insure my horse? 

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Should I insure my horse? Perhaps, ask yourself the question, “if I lost my horse, could I afford to purchase another horse of the same age, breeding and level of training?”  

The most common misconception about taking out equine insurance is the expense. We get it, all costs add up. But with increasing purchase prices and surgery costs, insurance may actually save you the risk in the long run. Horses are an expensive financial investment and insurance can ease the financial pressure associated with owning one.  

Depending on who you insure with, there are usually a few different cover options to suit your specific needs. Equine Insurance is not a one size fits all, different people require different cover services. For example, the stud farm will look to cover against breeding losses such as foal in utero or stallion disability cover and a professional horse trainer who earns an income through competing their horses will look at loss of use cover to protect their assets. 

3 top tips to know when looking for insurance and choosing which service/provider to go with: 

  1. Read the policy wording and understand the terminology. It is boring and it is tedious, but a lot of people do not understand what they are covered for purely because they have not read through this and will often be insured incorrectly. Whilst insurance seems straight forward, different insurers offer different services with payment systems, claims processing, values, renewal requirements and excesses.
  2. Don’t just look at the price and assume all services are the same. Prices differ based on different levels of service and options available. This is a typical example of quality over quantity. Look into why one insurer is more expensive than the other. Does the cheaper service have higher claims excesses? how fast and painless is one claims processing and management system compared to the other? Is the premium cheaper but are there other costs associated?
  3. Ask around about the level of service and take note of how quickly your enquiry is responded to. This gives a great indication as to how well you will be looked after and how trustworthy the insurer is.  

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