Shockwave Therapy 

Shockwave Therapy or Extracorporeal Shock Wave is not a new treatment for horses but has become more common in recent years, it has emerged as a successful alternative way of treating many injuries than more conservative methods of the past.  

It involves the use of focused high energy waves to areas that may be suffering from injury. It is noninvasive and stimulates tissue to help enhance healing. 

How does Shock Wave work and what are the benefits? 

  • It increases blood flow to treated areas. 
  • Encourages growth of new blood vessels. 
  • Improves circulation to affected areas. 
  • Reduces inflammation. 
  • Accelerates the healing process. 
  • The treatment has been shown to help horsing suffering from arthritis. 
  • Has a short-term anti-inflammatory response after treatment. 

Injuries and areas that most benefit from being treated with Shock Wave 

  • Tendons 
  • Sesamoids 
  • Ligaments – particularly suspensory injuries 
  • Bone 
  • Navicular syndrome 
  • Back and Sacroiliac pain 
  • Wound healing 

Treatment can vary depending on the injury and its severity, generally it is three treatments at roughly two-week intervals. A lot of veterinary surgeries offer the service as an in-clinic procedure, but the machines can be portable so often can be performed on farm and is done under standing sedation.  

Please be aware that there are varying rules depending on your governing body as to the use of shock wave therapy and withhold times, so it is important to check before having the procedure done if competing. And as with any treatment a discussion with your veterinarian as to whether this treatment is right for you and your horse if important.  


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