Customer Testimonial: Settle’em

A couple of months ago I had a Settle’em sample sent out. I’m pleased to say I couldn’t be happier with how the product has helped my TB!

By the time I’d finished the sample, I noticed a difference in his behaviour at home, much calmer and less stressed with noises coming from the neighbours. Normally he’s a very stressed kind of horse, especially if something out of the ordinary is going on but Settle’em has definitely made a difference and has taken the edge off his nervous behaviour.

We’d tried B1 biscuits that he loved having as a treat but before competitions when he needed that bit extra we couldn’t get him to eat them, even when I caught him out in the paddock he knew something was up and wouldn’t touch them, even in his feed. Beans has been on Settle’em for roughly two months now and will definitely be staying on it.

Thank you for putting such a great product on the market that’s affordable and easy and my horse loves it!

-Tiffany Walsh