AeroHippus Replacement Mask

AeroHippus Replacement Mask

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AeroHippus Replacement Mask.

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Respiratory disease and lower airway inflammation are attributed to significant wastage in both the racing and performance horse industries.  Respiratory conditions are ranked second following musculo-skeletal disease attributed to days lost to training and competition.

Respiratory ailments may take different forms during the life of the horse and may be elicited by a number of causative agents including bacteria, viruses and airborne irritants which are commonly found in intensive stabling environments.  In accordance with the pathology, clinical signs may vary and include cough, nasal discharge, tracheal mucus accumulation, poor exercise tolerance and finally, severe respiratory distress.


  • Target specific lung delivery of medication.
  • Controls and alleviates airway inflammation and airway obstruction.
  • Used for the treatment of a variety of airway and pulmonary pathologies such as Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Small Airway Inflammatory Disease (SAID).
  • Patented ‘Flow-Vu’ indicator enables accurate counting of inhalations.


  • Delivers the greatest concentration of aerosol to the lungs than any other available coupling device.
  • Accurate directing of aerosolized pharmaceuticals to the lungs and small airways.
  • Improved drug safety and efficacy by reducing total therapeutic dose required.
  • Convenient, portable chamber much smaller than any other devices available.
  • Simple to use and easy to clean.
  • One size fits all, from foals to warm bloods.
  • Well suited to the inhalation patterns of horses due to obligate nasal breathing and large tidal volume.


Unique, durable, anti-static polymer chamber with a flexible nostril cup.


Directions For Use

Download Directions For Use Brochure Here

Able to be used as the coupling device for aerosolized MDI’s.  By depressing the MDI, aerosolized particles are delivered into the chamber and inhaled.  Gently apply the mask to one nostril and upon inhalation, the ‘Flow-Vu’ indicator will flutter toward the horse signalling inhalation.


One size fits all

Cleaning Instructions

Wash the Aero Hippus with soap and water between uses.  When treating contagious pathologies, disinfection with Virkon is strongly suggested before using the mask between horses.

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