Packing for a competition

Whether you attend competitions regularly or it’s been a while and you are just heading back out, having a check list of what to pack is a great help and makes sure there aren’t any of those panic moments when you get there that something has been forgotten. The New Year is also the perfect time to clean those grooming bags, restock travel kits and incorporate your Christmas presents into their new home! 

Below is a list of the most important things- feel free to add to it, but it may just help you next time when you are doing a million things at once and those pre-competition nerves are starting to set in. 

  • Water Bucket (and water if you won’t have access to any) 
  • Hay/Feed 
  • Electrolytes (for you and your horse) 
  • Hay net or feeder 
  • Spare Head collar and lead 
  • First aid kit for you and your horse (even a pair of wire cutters in case of an emergency is a good idea) 
  • Rugs / Fly mask if summertime 
  • Twine 
  • Chair 
  • Grooming gear 
  • Towels 
  • Your riding times or any other competition information you may need 
  • Carrots (most important) 
  • Fly spray 

These next two lists may sound simple, and you don’t think you would forget one of these, but believe us, the amount of times someone has forgotten the simplest thing because they were worried about the big stuff… 


  • Helmet 
  • Jacket 
  • Safety Vest if needed 
  • Boots 
  • Riding gear 
  • Wet weather gear 
  • Copy of your dressage test if needed 
  • Rider number/ medical arm band 
  • Hat and Suncream 


  • Saddle  
  • Girth 
  • Bridle 
  • Boots/bandages 
  • Saddle Cloth 
  • Bridle number’s 
  • Any other extra pieces of gear you may individually use such as a bonnet, breastplate or crop 

Sometimes the simple things help, like a list and if you know you have everything packed you can concentrate of the most important thing and that’s having a fun day out. Everyone has their own individual needs so why not go ahead and make your own list! 


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