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Its time to do the math!

Its time to do the math! Life with horses is busy, and often we do not have the opportunity to sit down and actually read the label on our horses

Pica in Horses

Pica in Horses Pica is the desire to eat unusual substances that possess little or no nutritional value, such as dirt, wood, hair or faeces. Horses with pica can lick

Vitamin E Deficiency in Horses

Vitamin E Deficiency in Horses Vitamin E is a term used to describe a group of compounds known as tocopherols and tocotrienols. Vitamin E is unique and an essential nutrient

Navicular Syndrome in Horses

Navicular Syndrome in Horses  Also known as Navicular Disease, Caudal Heal Pain & Podotrochlosis No matter what you call it, the word Navicular causes the heart of any horse owner to sink. It

What is hippotherapy?

What is hippotherapy? Hippotherapy refers to how occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech-language pathology professionals use the movement of a horse as a treatment tool to improve patient outcomes for conditions such as autism, cerebral palsy,

Experts in Equine Nutrition

Every product in the Ranvet range has been developed to meet a horse’s most specific need at any given time, be it in a training environment or on a breeding farm. Having pioneered the formulation of specific medications and dietary supplements for horses, the company is now recognised as a leader in the areas of equine health and nutrition.

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