Do horses like routine?

We all have routine in our lives, and we usually have our horses on a regular routine often without even realising it, but do they like it and is it good from them? 

Horses are creatures of habit and love routine, in fact they thrive on it. Most of us would know we don’t even need a clock to know its feed time, just look out the window and your horse will tell you, they are usually standing by their feeder or waiting at the gate, they have the most amazing internal alarm clocks. They know their schedules better than we do, what time they are feed, when they will be exercised and if you are late putting them out in their paddocks.  

The reason for this is that it provides them security, they get anxious by the unfamiliar. Horses are prey animals and have the fight or flight response built into them, a regular and consistent routine keeps them calm and relaxed. For example if you have a nervous or highly strung horse sometimes even the smallest break in their normal habits will instinctively cause them some anxiety. They get anxious and stressed so by trying to keep things regular you can help lower that stress and make them feel safe and comfortable. The mental wellbeing of your horses isn’t the only thing that benefits from being consistent it can also help their health, many nervous horses can suffer from gastric ulcers and keeping them calm and relaxed is a good first step to help keep that under control.  

It isn’t always possible to be on time everyday- life does get in the way, or perhaps you might be away at a competition but trying to keep things in a similar routine as to what you do at home can help alleviate any stress or nerves your horse may suffer whilst in a strange environment. It is good practice to make any changes to stable routine gradually to help minimize stress, introducing a new horse into the stable, changing feed times or when you turn you horses out should be introduced slowly to give your horse time to adapt.  

A good routine isn’t just a benefit for the horse either, it leads to a well run stable and things don’t get forgotten. Remember your horse looks to you for its care and comes to rely on the consistency you provide, you make them feel safe and happy and they provide you with enjoyment in return.  


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