A comparative blog post on Horse Wormers

 Effective Anthelmintic drugs found in Horse Wormers:

  1. Benzimidazoles – Fenbendazole, Oxfendazole & Oxibendazoles
  • eg. Panacur, Systamex, Strategy-T
  • effective against larval and adult roundworms, they are not effective against tapeworms and bots and resistance has been reported.
  1. Macrocylic Lactones – Abamectin, Ivermectin & Moxidectin
  • eg. Promectin, Noromectin, Equest
  • effective against a wide variety of roundworms and bots, they are not effective against tapeworms.
  1. Praziquantel – Praziquantel
  • eg. Equimax, Equest Plus
  • only effective against tapeworms and the drug of choice for tapeworms in horses.
  1. Tetrahydraprimadines – Pyrantel and Morantel
  • eg. Strategy-T, Ammo
  • effective against larval and adult roundworms and tapeworms.

Is Regular Deworming necessary? Without doubt deworming is a very important practice necessary to promote horse health.   However, the frequent and haphazard manner by which traditional deworming programs (rotational programs) have been applied is wholly out-dated and responsible for the disturbing emergence of worm resistance.    A Strategic Deworming protocol will determine the minimum number of deworming treatments required per year in conjunction with use of the most effective and season appropriate active.  Furthermore, this method will ensure that the correct dose is administered and best management practices are applied in order to protect the horse from parasite related diseases.

Rotational Deworming protocols consists of regular (every 8 weeks) administration of horse wormers containing anthelmintic medication to all horses is the traditional treatment that is aimed at eliminating adult worms and this has successfully controlled the large strongyles, but it is also responsible for the emergence of equine worm resistance.


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