Have you considered a career in the Racing Industry?

The Australian Thoroughbred Racing Industry is one of Australia’s biggest employers, with around 250,000 industry participants or volunteers. The highest percentage of jobs in the racing industry are located in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Career opportunities are wide and varied, and if you decide that the racing industry is something you want to be a part of, the choices are endless.

The beauty of the racing industry is that you can work directly with the horses and be totally hands on or be part of the many associated participants and business that keep this thrilling industry alive. Whichever path you choose a career in the racing industry can be fascinating, rewarding and very exciting.

Some of the more “Hands On” positions where you get to work with and experience firsthand the beautiful horses themselves can be:

  • Horse Trainer
  • Assistant Trainer
  • Stable Foreman
  • Strapper
  • Jockey
  • Track Rider

All of these jobs are very rewarding and give you the full experience of the industry.

Some of the more supporting careers in the racing industry that focus more on animal health include:

  • Veterinarian
  • Vet Nurses
  • Farriers
  • Dentists etc
  • Feed/Nutritional services

If you would like to have a career in racing but you just want to enjoy the thrill of race day there are also many options available to you such as:

  • Stewards
  • Barrier Attendant
  • Clerk of the Course
  • Race Caller
  • Float Driver
  • Racecourse Manager

Many people don’t often see is what goes on away from the glamour and excitement of race day. This includes the behinds the scenes workers that wake up at the crack of dawn everyday to look after, train and care for these magnificent animals. Many of these jobs can be hard work, but they are just as rewarding as that mounting yard experience on race day.

Some of the more ‘behind the scenes’ include:

  • Pretrainers
  • Horse breakers
  • Stud Mangers
  • Stud Grooms/stable hands
  • Foal Attendants
  • Stallion Handler
  • Broodmare Managers
  • Office Staff
  • Bloodstock agents and auctioneers

Your career path is not just limited to Australia either, with the right skills and experience you opportunities are endless and you can use your career as a steppingstone to travel. Australia has one of the strongest racing industries in the world, but racing is found all over the globe offering all manner of employment.

So, when deciding if the sport of Kings is for you, take time to look into all aspects of the industry, the right job might be just waiting there for you.


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