A Good Diet Is Essential

Optimal recovery post exercise or racing enables your horses to continue to train and perform at peak levels. Poor recovery from racing or exercise can lead to horses ‘training off’, injury, sub-optimal racing performance and may affect future racing longevity.

Strenuous exercise affects many areas of body function; muscle function & damage, blood acid base balance, fluid & electrolyte loss and energy storage.  Ensuring adequate nutrition enables the replenishment, repair and recovery of all these processes is critical to overall well being and optimal performance of your horse.

B-Group vitamins

The harder the work, the higher the B-Group vitamin requirement.  A lack of B-Group vitamins will significantly impact on muscle function and energy utilisation which will have negative implications on track work and racing.

Foliphos contains B-Group vitamins Folic acid and B12, and Butaphosphan (bio-available phosphorus), promotes healthy red blood cell generation and maturation, when used in conjunction with sprint based exercise ie. fast work gallops.


Electrolytes play a critical role in fluid balance, nerve/muscle function and maintenance of blood pH.  High levels of electrolytes can be lost particularly via sweat but also from urine and faeces.  Travel, nerves, humidity and excessive heat will increase the loss of electrolytes and lead to premature fatigue, reduced stamina and poor recovery. Replenishment of electrolytes is critical to ensure the optimal functioning of muscle & nerves, maintenance of fluid balance, rehydration and blood pH.

Electrolyte losses must be replaced on a daily basis

Salkavite, an electrolyte and B-Group vitamin supplement, was specifically formulated for racehorses and aids in the return of pH to normal range.

Muscle recovery

High intensity exercise causes the breakdown of muscle fibres and also stimulates the body to increase muscle mass.  High quality protein is required to aid the repair of muscle fibres and supply the building block for new muscle cells.  Inadequate muscle mass will affect muscle function and lead to fatigue faster.    Post race muscle soreness and loss of muscle mass may indicate poor protein intake.

Did you know Power Formula contains high levels of amino acids lysine, methionine and arginine required to promote and build muscle mass and high levels of essential minerals required for sound bone remodelling and adaptation to training.

Horses prone to tying up and post race or hard work muscle soreness, will benefit via the supplementation of BC5 pre and post work, aiding muscle recovery and repair.

Inadequate lysine intake will lead to the loss of muscle from the top of the rump and front of shoulder.  Racing rations deficient in lysine will cause horses to lose muscle mass 2-3 runs into a campaign.

Acid base balance

Acidosis (excess H+ ions), or lowered alkali reserve causes muscle fatigue, mental irritability,   poor performance and muscle soreness.

Muscle cells and blood become acidic (an excess of H+ ions) following exercise particularly sprint work or maximum exertion.  Optimal acid-base balance (blood pH) is critical to peak performance.  Neutrolene and Neutrolene PLUS (body acid neutralisers) reduces excess lactic acid, restores lost sodium (alkali) and balances both tissue, and blood pH for maximum performance.

The acid base balance of racehorse is very delicate and optimum performance requires that the balance remains within a narrow range of 7.45-7.42.

Anti-oxidant protection

Anti-oxidants neutralise free radicals produced via exercise which have a detrimental affect on muscle tissue damage.  Studies have shown supplementing with anti-oxidants will help reduce the risk of muscle tissue damage and allow the resumption of work and racing sooner.

Anti-oxidants help protect muscle tissue from free radical damage, as horses get older the ability to fight free radical damage reduces and therefore supplementing older horses with anti-oxidants will aid the bodies natural defence processes.

Ranvet Recommendations for Optimal recovery;

B-Group vitamins


  • 30-60 grams Salkavite daily
  • One full day (24hour period) prior to racing or following hard work/racing; 150 grams of Salkavite in 2 litres of luke warm water

Muscle recovery

  • 600 grams Power Formula when in work or spelling
  • One full tube 60ml BC5 pre & post work

Acid base balance

Anti-oxidant protection

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