The complete muscle performance and repair package for Greyhounds


What’s In It?  

Ranvet MUSCLE-G provides the complete package of nutrients essential to maximum muscle                performance. Specifically formulated for performance greyhounds to prevent muscle damage, stiffness,   soreness, muscle fatigue and cramping, and to improve recovery, MUSCLE-G provides a blend of               organic selenium, Vitamin E, plus thiamine and choline to ensure optimum muscle health and nutrition.

What Does It Do?

MUSCLE-G maintains healthy muscles by significantly reducing muscle damage from the free radicals     produced during all hard exercise. Selenium & Vitamin E are two major antioxidants – selenium protecting the muscle cells, and Vitamin E protecting cell membranes. MUSCLE-G provides a very high   level of Vitamin E (2,000iu per 30g dose).Thiamine and choline enhance energy production and liver function.

How Do I Use It? 

Give MUSCLE-G daily by mixing thoroughly in feed. Avoid mixing with iron supplements.. Greyhounds in work should receive 1-2 measures, dogs at stud and pregnant bitches receive 1-4 measures, and pups   receive 1-2 measures daily in feed. Spelling greyhounds should receive 1 measure daily.

One level measure provides 4g

Tip: Double the dose for 2-3 days prior to racing or hard workout to ensure maximum antioxidant nutrient supply to allow dogs to cope with the oxidative stress imposed by racing, and improve recovery.

How Does It Come?

600g, 4kg bucket

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