Natural, organic liquid vitamin, chelated mineral and trace element supplement.


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Active Constituents (Per L)

Fucodian 5g 

**Plus concentrated levels of alginates, humates, fulvates and cytokinins.


  • Contains organic phytocomplexes such as humates and fulvates known to be essential for gastrointestinal health and function in grazing animals.
  • Maintains optimum essential nutrient levels under all feeding conditions.
  • Maximizes overall health, vitality and performance.
  • Improves fertility and trace mineral deficiencies.
  • Naturally fermented plant product inclusion.
  • Stimulates the immune response.


  • Completely natural, organic ingredients with no added pharmaceutical compounds.
  • Maximum absorption, bioavailabilty and non-toxic.
  • Contains chelated minerals which are efficiently absorbed and readily utilized.
  • The ingredients used are known to provide 48 minerals, 16 amino acids and 11 vitamins.
  • Rapidly stimulates the appetite and produces high coat quality.
  • Improves food conversion ratio.
  • Replaces nutrients which may be deficient due to poor soil conditions.
  • Normalises and optimizes gut microflora.
  • Highly palatable.

Pack Sizes

1L; 5L; 20L

Dosage Rates

Maintenance doses horse, camel, cattle (over 300kg) 20-40mL daily; Ponies, calves (under 300kg) 10-20mL daily; Sheep, goats, alpacas 5-10mL daily; Dogs 5mL daily.

Directions For Use/Contraindications

Administer orally over the tongue or place liquid on dry feed.

Important Note

The protein content of Ranvet Humavyte is approximately 5% and energy content approximately 10.3MJ.  Therefore, Humavyte should not be considered either as an energy nor protein source.

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